Existente entre a mente que sente e que é inexistente.

Month: November, 2017

Chavascal III

Rasgos de pensamentos que me esfolam a consciência ao ponto de a alma sentir contorcer, espezinhada e anémica na sua vontade de ser.


Ouroborus I

Ad aternum free falling thoughts, steering between what’s wrong and what’s right, deep into the abyss of conscience.

Dialogues I

Conspiracy implies the existence of a truth in order to be manipulated, nevertheless I did never denied the existence of a soul provided with the ability to experience feelings or emotions for its own pleasure or decadence, in a world of ghosts we shall live, considering that we never touch our projections of a material consciousness,  which are ruled by energy impossible to touch or see, only able to experience and projects towards others our own sake.